thankful thursday

1 Oct
  • my parents. they are beyond amazing, understanding and loving
  • coach will for being more than just a fball coach.
  • we go both ways. for their stories and endless jokes.
  • fball. although it was a terrible weekend for all my teams, it was good to get my mind off of things
  • bmore boys. i missed out on so much, but it’s always great to catch up with them.
  • daddy’s side of the fam. the ones who know and love sports and understand how i live.
  • the best friends in the world.
  • FF. for EVERYthing. from driving my butt around to the small encouraging things.
  • cooking. baking. its great weather to get back into making food
  • lists. writing things down. for when i’m bombarded with work, i don’t forget what i need to do
  • brisk weather. the smell of the leaves. soon to be the smell of fires in fireplaces.
  • sweaters, cardigans, jackets, hoodies, hats
  • sweats. as well-dressed as i seem to be, i always love going back to wearing sweats.
  • automatic windows. or at least the guy who invented them even if i don’t have them
  • my gatecard. having access to restricted parking still puts a smile on my face
  • hot cocoa made with milk. swiss miss + water doesn’t cut it anymore after i’ve had so many ghiradelli+milks.
  • my drama kids. even in the off-season, they amaze me.

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