thankful thursday

10 Oct
  • crazy awesome opportunities that work provides me.
  • having time to hang out with RT. they’re really cool and its nice to know what’s going on.
  • food fests. taste of bethesda was pretty cool. and a good way to spend a day
  • early games. not for the whole waking up early and getting your head in the game, but for the fact that you still have the entire rest of the day to do things.
  • hanging out with the boys. its nice to just be stupid sometimes.
  • having teams to support me in good times and bad.
  • team sports.
  • my vision improved! or more like, my astigmatism got better. sweet.
  • my coworkers. its like a team thing. but different.
  • leaving work early. midday breaks. working a crammed week is stressful.

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