thankful thursday

15 Oct
  • bffs and heart-to-hearts. i’ve needed quite a few of these recently. its nice to finally sort some of these thoughts out
  • coaches who take care of their team. so i’m not the best on the field, nor am i anywhere near the level that i know i can play. but a coach that follows up with his players on and off the field is a good coach.
  • raq turning 21. finally she can hang out with me and we can dance in places i’m comfy at. but also the fact that i love her and she was the first friend i made completely on my own at UM
  • the boys. the hilarious ssb boys and especially my awesome chillin bmore boys. people that make me laugh and i’m totally comfy around
  • nights in. its a nice change of pace. especially when it’s disgusting and cold outside. sometimes my bed is the best place to be.
  • 6weeks.
  • people that pray for and with me. i’m not the most religious person nor the most approachable, but when you take the time to care for me in ways that i usually don’t, i appreciate it.
  • the new campaigns’ slow launch. its kinda nice to have the excitement drawn out over time. seeing bits and pieces here and there that i know i had a part in
  • vegetables. home-cooked meals. healthy, hearty meals. i like being well-balanced
  • the occasional splurge. recently: halloween candy.
  • soup. especially in bread bowls. it warms the stomach and the soul. i could live on soup for a long, long time
  • local roads. i’m not the most patient person to deal with, especially driving at slow speeds on highways.
  • crappy music. somehow this helps me calm down.

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