thankful thursday

29 Oct
  • daddy. b/c i get along with him best out of everyone in my fam. b/c he’ll clean the inside of my windshield. b/c he’ll remove all the turf pebbles from the car (they were so scary/gross looking)
  • free time to myself so i can relax in peace
  • timeliness. people who are on time (early) and are considerate of other people’s time.
  • studying that pays off.
  • single sprints when i can exert all my energy into 30s or so. there is a rush of freedom in running that i’ve missed b/c of lack of a gym membership
  • sunlight. so that i can see (i have terrible night vision), especially when driving in the rain. so that my mood is positive (i hate when i drive to AND from work in the dark). so that it’s warm.
  • people that push me to be better. My Better is Better.
  • My Better is Better and That’s G. well-executed commercials with strong marketing
  • the daily drop cap by jessica hirsche
  • building relationships. real convos. real people. sisters.
  • my first press check after 3.5years of working at u.pubs
  • FXA. for things like turf fields so that games are rarely cancelled. so that i can experience things like playing fball in the pouring rain.
  • making plays. catching balls. pulling flags and making tags. things that build and return confidence.
  • encouragement. help. support. things that build up a team.
  • pside. b/c mice and roaches are not nearly as scary as they used to be.
  • the fact that i have more friends that will be at turkey bowl this year. hurrah for the return of ABC!
  • tape. health insurance. things that protect my body.
  • workout music. the kind that gets your adrenaline going.
  • respect.

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