thankful thursday

5 Nov
  • tasty wings. i’m a sucker for cheap hhs with good wings, celery and beer.
  • awesome friends. i love that we’ll pick up parts of each others tabs all the time b/c we see each other tons and know it’ll even out eventually. but its a small perk knowing you get to pay less that day
  • sunshine. optimally between 6 a.m.–7 p.m. so that i can at least wake up and drive home while its bright out. having terrible night vision does NOT make for a happy patti
  • moonlight. alas it’s winter and if there’s any light out, it’s the moon. so i’ll opt for moonlight and clear skies so i can make it to my destinations
  • sunglasses. the sun can still worsen your eyes in the winter. it can also give you throbbing headaches after 3-4hr fball practices.
  • fun friends. i thrive off of friday hhs, post-game/practice hhs or meals. i love the time to relax and hang out with people. i love people.
  • playing defense. i’m not always the best at catching balls, but i’m generally good at pulling flags and covering the short middle. taking care of the QB is tiring but thrilling
  • hump day of class.
  • a stellar upset of the FXA top team so that we get a playoffs bid. hurrah!
  • coldgear. not at all overrated. the brand name, perhaps, but it’s a pretty genius wardrobe must-have
  • sick days. it’s pretty nice to have sick leave. it’s also pretty nice to be able to spend all day in bed sleeping and catching up on tv shows with breaks in between to eat and drink gatorade.
  • What I Wore. i am so inspired by this web site and Jessica Schroeder. she is genius. she puts together fab outfits and mods pieces to suit her. i love it.
  • piperlime. not only my go-to for shoes but it also has clothes/jewelry. it’s the easiest shoe web site to browse and get caught up on styles.
  • ibuprofen. while multi-symptom tylenol works wonders for the flu-struck person, it is not optimal for a chilly, dizzy person. in comes ibuprofen and out goes the dizzy. there may have been too much DXM for me to handle.
  • humidifiers. i have this notion that only children use humidifiers since i used one quite frequently when i was little. but in the cold, dry, winter air, this machine saves me from sickness. as i always claim: i love humidity.
  • rb. i love her to pieces. she has an incredible drive to be amazing. and also thought up the genius idea of monthly updates. of which i’m about a month behind. oops.
  • three weeks til thanksgiving break! (wait, don’t i have project deadlines soon?) yayyayayayay.
  • a fball bye week. no terps, no steelers, no skins. nothing in the sports news world i needed to follow.

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. Angela November 6, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    What I Wore is definitely making it into my visited sites list..

    it’s ok, I was a month behind last time ❤

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