thankful thursday

13 Nov
  • going out, catching up with old friends, meeting new people.
  • trying and enjoying new things like naked sushi or going out dancing.
  • friends who know how to talk their way around anything. like getting us into clubs or roster-checking for games.
  • fall’09 season of ssb. having a free saturday again is gonna be so weird.
  • putting into action gender play coverage. aka finally playing behind the girl. aka i’m still kicking myself for not realizing i needed to do that sooner.
  • letters from pwb. even if mine hasn’t made it over yet, i like knowing what he’s up to.
  • JAM getting executed. the sniper attacks are still so vivid a memory.
  • basic, civilized care for all people. whether it be public health care or giving a man on death row a last meal.
  • scarves. mittens. leggings. sweats.
  • sweet sales at my fav stores.
  • playoffs for one out of two teams.
  • lunchtime soup

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