thankful thursday

19 Nov
  • quality control. people who do entry in a consistent fashion so that all entries are alike.
  • mail merging and new-fangled technologies that solve the problem of repetition.
  • arizona green tea. the brilliant combo of HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) and caffeine.
  • crappy pop. i would be fast asleep at work without it.
  • friends who go out, are not bitter at guys/life or are willing to act like an idiot with me
  • friends that let me crash at their places for the night. especially those with comfy beds/couches.
  • my fball girls for their encouragement and accountability and for sharing their lives and hearts.
  • sleeping in. to have an entire free saturday and have the luxury to sleep as long as i want.
  • ashley. for when i’m so forgetful that i forget to bring pantaloons for my game. i love having friends on campus that i can call in a pinch.
  • raq. for listening to my rants when i’m having a crappy day.
  • driving early early or late late. normal rush hour traffic shortens lives.
  • being in the loop. i like knowing what’s going on at work.
  • king farm safeway. i don’t really trust other grocery stores. but they have good deals and fresh food. i don’t have to sign a paper receipt when paying with credit. i like seeing familiar faces of people who work there.
  • fashion. if i could afford it, i would like to be fashionable 90% of the time, whether its wearing dresses or jeans+tshirt+cardi. i love good deals, thrift stores and unique outfits.
  • all my more fashion forward friends, especially those in the industry. they keep me up to date and looking good.
  • breathing time.
  • pwb. for being my other half. one in a million, you make me envied by other girls for having someone as awesome as you in my life.
  • ff. i miss living with this girl. we push each other to be better people, which results in two amazingly retarded girls learning to laugh at life.

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