thankful thursday

26 Nov
  • friends. they make my life what it is and i love them for it.
  • burger joints. the soon to be burger tour. (1) BGR. the concept of burger joints is underrated. the actual place is expensive, yes, and this determines personal utility, but i am your burger+beer hh date kinda girl.
  • public transportation. whereas other cities have none and people are forced to take taxis or drive, i have this convenient thing called metro.
  • my awesome party bus. never ending fun times and yeah, the slammin stories
  • people who drive my butt around town. especially at night. thank you for saving me time and money on the metro and lengthening my night out.
  • my boys that take care of me.
  • my rem team. i’m gonna miss this when its done. football free weekends til spring is gonna be weird.
  • 6/6. done. it went by faster than i’d hoped and we got out early. i love sub teachers.
  • raq. our crazy stories, desserts and wing nights. i love this girl.
  • having an income and living with my parents. it helps me afford my lifestyle.
  • ibuprofen. gatorade. emergen-C.

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