thankful thursday

6 Dec
  • carpooling. you don’t show up alone. you have someone else who knows where you parked. safer. more economical and environmentally friendly.
  • reunions. somewhat awkward but overall it was great to see old loves and catch up. i just wish i learned more about the FUN things people did with their life.
  • friends who understand if you just don’t want to go out or just don’t feel like drinking.
  • turkey and milk. and friends who are up at 1am with you trying desperately to fall asleep the night before turkey bowl. laughing about drinking, food coma, teeth brushing and other various things involved with desperation
  • intramural fields. the few times i’ve played on them it’s resulted in a championship game win. you can’t beat those kinda odds.
  • my REM team. as i drove away from CP, i thought, when am i ever going to have the chance to do something for God and in the company of such supportive and encouraging people? you help me grow.
  • the trophy and the title. for whom those sorts of things still matter because it certainly took a backseat for me this year
  • sleep. my poor body is a huge fan of resting. or at least more so than consuming meds
  • little kids. i love em. although not stellar at commanding a group of them, i can def play tag with them out in the rain. but really, they make the best comments.
  • industry events. holiday parties. reasons to look good. meeting new people. getting to know friends better.
  • massages. head massages when you get your hair done. pampering. people who take care of your needs.

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