thankful thursday

10 Dec
  • the smell of winter. fresh, crisp air that chills your body but not the soul.
  • the stream to lake artemesia. my measure of how much it rained, i would also look at how high the water level was when i walked by on my way to class. now i only drive by, but i can still hear the sound of the water rushing past when the stream is swollen.
  • local roads. when every highway is at a standstill
  • metro. smart, safe. convenient.
  • antifreeze.
  • safety while driving in snow. people who understand that driving slow in bad weather is acceptable.
  • people who are smart when they go out. who know how to handle themselves and know their limits.
  • cooking with new recipes. exploring new foods
  • people who know how to have fun without help from substances
  • sports bars. i don’t look like the idiot who is watching the game b/c everyone is doing it.
  • men. you don’t have to take care of them. and they’re easy to hang out with.
  • hot cocoa with milk + peppermint
  • nights in doing simple things like watching movies with my fam.
  • my first football-free weekend, when instead i sat in front of my tv literally all weekend watching ncaa+nfl.
  • really good advertising. guerilla advertising. ad agencies.
  • thrift stores. bargains like a $7 blazer.
  • modsquad! i’m actually part of a fashion thing. this is cool
  • clementines. oh so yummy. i could eat a whole box of you in two days. and i will.
  • half. even if he’s halfway across the world, i love that i managed to catch him online for a minute. and i love that his brother is visiting and took photos.

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