thankful thursday

25 Dec
  • RBs. there’s always someone to listen when you have something really on your mind
  • vacations. not even driving in rush hour was terrible.
  • bowling. its kinda fun to just be stupid and know you look like a fool.
  • my awesome hosts from last weekend, RB + adam.
  • thrift stores.
  • markets. farmers markets or big indoor markets like cross/light in bmore or reading terming in philly
  • non-chain businesses.
  • buster and babs. my first real introduction to pets. and now i like cats.
  • furlough days. free vacation? longer winter/spring breaks? okay!
  • my christmas gift from the parents. a complete dental checkup. plus the fillings i needed afterwards. seriously would never have paid for this myself.
  • baking friends. who know sweet tips, like how to many an awesome, non-soggy apple pie
  • how i met your mother. what a hilarious show. and it preoccupies my time very well
  • the boys. who usually will not fail to go out. and are hilarious. and know when i need rides or to be saved.
  • the people who work at king farm safeway. the usual people at the checkout lanes. i like the familiar faces.
  • free food. i love food gifts. they make my stomach very happy.
  • sleeping in til after noon. staying up til 4am. losing track of what day it is. little luxuries.

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