thankful thursday

7 Jan
  • winter sales and $10 sweatshirts. the things i forget to bring for games, socks, pantaloons and now sweatshirt.
  • slowcookers. although my chili turned out well, i could have spent those 2hrs of monitoring simmering doing something else
  • no traffic highway days. tuesday, it took me 30min to get from CP to tysons. 30min! today it took me 80min to get from CP to home 😦
  • 2010. 2009 sucked, 2010 HAS to rock.
  • awesome friends with whom to spend NYE.
  • dressing up and looking classy
  • going out with my girls. it’s kinda nice not having to impress people right off the bat and instead just sit around and chill
  • comped meals. a restaurant should be so classy as to comp meals if they’re awful in some way or another.
  • knitting. knit knit knit. its enjoyable and not frustrating now that i finally learned to count and know what stitches look like.
  • boots. my feet have never been so warm
  • layers. 29* and flurries, but only my fingers were cold. brilliant
  • plans for another vacation 🙂
  • bulk spices at the co-op. they are such a bargain and Very Convenient when i don’t need an entire bottle of spice
  • whole foods market. when normal grocery stores absolutely fail, whole foods is sure to have the stuff i want.
  • winter outfits. when i make them look cute, my day vastly improves.
  • advice from friends. only when asked for or else i’ll disregard whatever was said. but i truly value good advice from trusted friends.
  • safe friends. people who aren’t getting in fights, know how to take care of themself and look out for and protect me
  • my friends who remind me to and how to take care of myself.
  • 100% fruit juice for breakfast.
  • sleeping in. sleeping in my bed. lounging in my warm, cozy bed.
  • receiving text messages and mail

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