thankful thursday

14 Jan
  • nights in. sometimes staying in doing things like watching tv (HIMYM, nfl, bad reality shows), reading or knitting is a nice way to end a week. calm, plenty of sleep, warm, happy, cheap. waking up before noon the next day and having a full day to do things
  • having plenty of friends who go out. for the nights i push myself to go out, i’m glad to spend the time with friends
  • cooking my own dinners. there’s a comfort in knowing that i made my own food, it will taste good and i have will awesome leftovers for lunch
  • carpooling. HOV lanes are fab. so is getting a ride to springfield the night after you stayed up way late doing stuff for work
  • photoshop wizzes. seriously, they are the people who make my life easier. in the meantime, i’m still squinting and staring at computer screens
  • productivity. i’m a huge fan
  • metro trains that arrive early and sit so you don’t have to wait for the next running train outside in the bitter cold.
  • express newspapers. seriously cuts down the amount of boredom time on the metro by half.
  • daddy. i like riding halfway to work with him on the metro. and going out at night to drop off my car for new brakes. and eating evening snacks with him even if he isnt hungry, he’ll find something to munch on and keep me company
  • stace. for finding awesome things like dance class for a bargain. for living in dc and always letting me sleepover when i need to.
  • warm weather (40s). when it’s above freezing, i’m not freezing. and in fact, i’m rather happy.
  • craisins in chicken salad salad. they’re the best part. true story.
  • HIMYM. what a fab show. fab fab fab.
  • 100% fruit juice for breakfast. talk radio for my commute.
  • a good hairstylist. never underestimate how awesome a good haircut/color can make a girl feel. kinda like cute underwear.
  • meeting dr mote. this makes me feel very grown up and important. hey, i had a meeting w dr mote!
  • travel buddies. i’m thrilled that i have plenty of friends willing to travel w me this year. i can’t wait!
  • jaleo. awesome tapas. fab white sangria. slammin hh deals. and an all around great time with old friends
  • the recent blackberry update. now all my texts are organized by person. everything is so much easier to see. you can text someone twice in a row from the same convo! the bbm barcode scanning system.
  • belts. necklaces. earrings. accessories that pull an outfit together.

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