10 01 22

23 Jan

10 01 22

shirtdress: urban final sale
cardigan: gap winter sale
belt: banana republic outlet
tights: nordstrom rack. i ❤ sweater tights
pearls: mustardseed
boots: nine west from buffalo exchange

we had a fab meeting yesterday at work and i was having the hardest time staying interested. i wouldn’t be surprised if people saw me falling asleep and fidgeting non-stop. i was even called out for not saying anything, but i’m more of a doing and less of a planning person. anyway, at the end of the meeting, one coworker told me that although she was def paying attention to the meeting… (here is where i thought someone would call me out on falling asleep and fidgeting).. she couldn’t help but notice my fab outfit! and she said it reminder her of the outfits from The Sartorialist! that comment made my day 🙂 i love when people comment on my outfits. and to think, yesterday morning i was having such a terrible time trying to figure out what matched as an outfit.


One Response to “10 01 22”

  1. Angela January 23, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    I really like this outfit! I would never have imagined that long shirt-dress as looking anything other than kind of housewifey.

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