thankful thursday

23 Jan
  • bolt bus. 1. i love the fact that i didn’t have to drive to NY, pay the tolls, sit through traffic and look for parking. 2. i love that it stops in greenbelt and very few people get on at greenbelt so i had my choice of seats.
  • brunch. i love waking up late and eating a good meal that i didn’t have to prepare.
  • ny subways. efficiency is key.
  • thai food. ever since that one thai place in foggy bottom, i’m addicted to pad see ew. its pretty freakin amazing.
  • white wine. doesn’t give me the headache that red does, but still darn tasty.
  • the great food vs great sex debate. it gets interesting.
  • big beds. i love being able to sprawl out with someone on a huge bed. twin and full sized beds are very high school. it also makes for crashing at friends’ places a ton easier. but then again there are couches
  • couches. comfy, non-lopsided couches.
  • great food. ‘inoteca was delicious. family style dinners and plenty of dishes and courses. fab. and you never go wrong with nutella
  • nutella sammies.
  • thrift stores. when i feel too poor to afford life, i go here and everything is good again. plus i’ll look fab afterwards too
  • beer. there is nothing like a good, cold beer. wine and cocktails really can’t compare to how satisfying and refreshing beer can be
  • seeing old loves.
  • tracey. from way back in middle school, i absolutely love this girl. its great when you know someone for that long. plus, its never easy hosting a friend from out of town. mad props to this girl for making sure i had fun
  • konica. late nights in hs, sitting online at 3am, procrastinating like its our job. i wish i talked to her more, but i was really glad to have seen her for the first time in forever.
  • bffs. for every time i have a complete crisis or have dumb problems, they’re they backing me up or smacking me upside my head.
  • color. before i go blind i’m going to enjoy all the color i can. (i have this theory that one day i will go blind. so i try to remember what everything looks like before then)
  • football. sports bars. nothing makes me feel at home and in my place than these. everyday things that let complete strangers bond and be friends
  • new friends. i love meeting new people
  • trying new things. like dance class near howard U. true i wouldn’t have signed up on my own, but 2010 is the year for new things
  • winning fball games. it makes playing in the cold in nova worthwhile
  • cars. subways are great, but cars are awesome. actually so are cheap taxis that take credit.
  • gps. for nights when the city looks different than normal.
  • certificate programs. b/c degrees take a long time
  • tv. the return of project runway. awesomeness like HIMYM. and crappy crappy shows like RWDC and jersey shore. they’re all entertaining in their own right.
  • texting. between being sassy and girly, texts make my day.

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