thankful thursday

28 Jan
  • friends who look out for me
  • reunions with old loves
  • jaleo hh. cheap tapas + sangria are always a good combo
  • nights in. it is cheap and relaxing to read and knit once in a while
  • jerry’s. we spent many a monday eating $5 pizzas at pside w pwb. RIP.
  • bagel place. how many places sell yummy sun-dried tomato bagels? yeah. not many. and now how many make breakfast sandwiches out of them? yeah. MONEY.
  • winter semester traffic. slash the lack of traffic
  • coach will. i like his style of fball. both how he trains us and his playcalling. it gets the W and makes sense.
  • two relatively healthy knees. no dislocations, ACL, MCL, meniscus or other injuries.
  • chill EMTs
  • friends who come out to support us at games in the freezing cold.
  • field trips.
  • worthwhile restaurant week deals
  • the yelp app on my phone
  • going home after normal work hours

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