thankful thursday

12 Feb
  • my blizzard! (preface: every year i hope for a blizzard. Every. Single. Year. and mama nature has failed me in recent years, but this winter she has blessed us with three humongous snow storms. i love it!)
  • snow days. i am thoroughly caught up on movies, filing taxes, sleeping and somewhat working out.
  • big screen HD TVs. i am spoiled, small TVs no longer fit in my life. i like seeing sports in hi-def. it is Fab.
  • text messages and phone calls. yes, i like feeling important
  • being able to work from home if necessary. and it was necessary. it’s kinda nice to not have to climb out of bed to work!
  • silicon spray. spray on shovel before going outside for easy snow removal. prevents snow from sticking to the shovel. thank you, nerdy daddy.
  • turbotax. it answers all your questions and holds your hand along the way. yes, for the first time ever, i filed my own taxes.
  • familiar faces at the grocery store. i like knowing the check-out clerks.
  • homemade food. cooking my own food. deliciousness
  • lotion. especially after being in the cold snow
  • friends who love to live life to the fullest
  • friends who don’t force advice, only offer it when specifically asked for it.
  • foodies.
  • having power and heat.

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