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thankful thursday

25 Mar
  • home internet access. 90% of the reason i’ve missed 3weeks of TTs
  • window seats. sitting on the window sill are staring out at the world
  • watching the world from above, whether it be the 43rd floor, the airplane or other
  • the grid-like order of city streets. the changing colors of traffic lights along one street amidst the streetlights
  • the smell of spring, sitting outside letting yourself absorb everything around you
  • going out of the country for the first time ever
  • givers. people who spend their lives trying to better the lives of others
  • dreams that come true. from as small as seeing the world to as big as getting into a top-choice school
  • friends that make you laugh for hours on end. where silliness is contagious and uncontrollable.
  • winning the approval of his close friends. finding my own moments w them to build friendship
  • long, enveloping hugs.
  • beating the top-ranked fball team and making stellar flag pulls.
  • when friends from many friend circles have a fun night out together
  • real vacation getaways in every sense of the term
  • his clear communication and planning for the entire trip and when he gave me instructions on how to make it to the hotel alone.
  • the international phone call made for the sole purpose of checking up on me when he missed his flight
  • my car friends. the familiar ones i see every day when i drive to work
  • traffic lights timed to make my route quicker
  • the little things that make a big difference: my own personal ringtone, being played the starlight starbright song, sharing secrets, constant reassurance (although somewhat sappy), making sure i get a taste of real NY, hailing cabs for me, buying my fav apple juice for when i visit, being old-fashioned and paying for things, being the planner (esp when its not my forte), indulging my childish side