thankful thursday

8 Apr
  • friends that love me dearly by celebrating my birthday with me, whether by physical presence or well wishes.
  • RB, who never fails to listen to me, no matter how petty the rant. she is one of the most level-headed people i know and that’s a very valuable trait.
  • exercise. pushing myself to go further than i know how.
  • walking around campus. even in the bitter cold and snow or humid heat, it’s a calming to courier things for work. i love seeing the people and how they make this campus theirs.
  • air condition. and not waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. being able to breathe.
  • allergy medicine. i wake up in the morning with swollen eyes, wheezing, sneezing and with swollen, itchy ears. one hour after taking this medicine, i am no longer a grumpy ogre.
  • a bye week between seasons so my poor thumb can heal up again.
  • GOOD books. whether fiction (harry potter) or cookbooks, they are relaxing. i love them.
  • drinking cold water after a hot run
  • the runners at the gym track. the more i see people i recognize, the more i am encouraged by their dedication
  • completely relaxing
  • dinner parties. spontaneous bbqs.
  • pwb, my half. 2yrs could not go any slower.
  • not having to spend nine draining hrs on a bus in order to see my bf
  • people who show me love even when i don’t think i’m deserving of it.
  • daddy, who keeps me sane while i’m at home.
  • sundresses. well-planned outfits.
  • hair that’s long enough to pull into a ponytail
  • smoothies, rita’s, blasting crappy pop music really loud. things that help me deal with life at moments of absolute frustration and stress.
  • rob, a man who knows and forgives my faults in order to love me more than i deserve.
  • TTs that bring me back to reality

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