thankful thursday

29 Apr
  • tt. lately thursdays are the low point of my week, where i am overcome with things like frustration, jealousy and exhaustion, but tt always brings me back up to an agreeable mood
  • my “friend” friends. by no means do i have a personality disorder, but yes, sometimes i enjoy familiarity whether it be with people i don’t know (grocery store checkout clerks) or inanimate objects (early 90s, tan, bumper sticker-laden MNM corolla w bike rack; the leaf stuck bt ff’s windshield and windshield wiper; the molly maid car in admissions’s parking lot; gym locker 2233)
  • my windowsill at work. my haven to sit at, warm up from the tundra better known as my office and watch the world
  • flexible schedules. every weekend in april i was able to see the boyfriend, whether it be a last minute trip up or him visiting dc.
  • good windshield wipers. are crucial in wicked fog and thunderstorms. along with hoping i get home sooner than later
  • bluetooth headsets. thanks to the boyfriend, i can now legally talk on the phone in my car.
  • splurges. fab steaks (even if we were too full on drinks to eat much); slow cookers; new dresses; new running shoes. it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while.
  • new running shoes. and the girl at city sports w the cute yellow rainboots for helping me know what i wanted. i am in love with my new mizuno wave inspire 6s.
  • people at shoe stores who know what they’re talking about. you know the right things, you make the sale
  • his manhattan apt. while i love when he visits bc i don’t have to spend 8+hrs in transit, i love being able to stay at a home and not a hotel. i like not having a schedule and having familiar surroundings and belongings handy.
  • naps. that get me through nights of working til dawn.
  • afternoon sunshine through my window at work. until then, i work in a tundra, but when the sun has beamed long enough against my window, it suddenly thaws to an agreeable temperature
  • my car. for swift, convenient transportation to manhattan as well as being a haven for warmth during midday thawing out sessions.
  • fab finishes to tough fball games
  • classy manhattan bars. let’s just say that manhattan is a few levels above dc in terms of bars
  • free UM schwag. working at marketing&communications. i have an endless supply of UM tshirts to work out in.
  • snacks. so that i don’t starve and become a grumpy bitch.
  • bright colored clothes and umbrellas on dreary weather days.
  • gravity hugs. and other absolutely random, cute things that come out of my mouth.
  • the friends i have that pull me out of crappy moods.
  • free time to sit still and relax

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. Angela April 30, 2010 at 6:33 am #

    haha inanimate objects ❤

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