thankful thursday

6 May
  • new running shoes. they feel heavenly. my feet and shins are so appreciative. and the rest of my colorful wardrobe approves too
  • sleep. crucial for driving, doing work, functioning
  • cheap concerts! i love college concerts. but also DBO for switching up their print sched so that my project worked out so i could go to the concert.
  • silly friends. who do crazy things like run through mud w me
  • mesh/dryfit clothes. good for things like mucking through lakes and avoiding the water weight afterwards
  • friends who care about and listen to me. and who don’t ditch me when i’m tired and lagging
  • RB. there are million reasons why i love her, but especially the fact that she is a FAB listener.
  • EZ passes. efficiency is key.
  • tuesday carpools. it’s nice to see ff on a regular basis, be stupid, talk about life and sing to crappy pop. i miss living w that girl.
  • freshly paved roads. potholes and lumpiness are not my friends.
  • health insurance. so i can see the doctors i need to and stay healthy
  • wise, married friends.
  • personal leave and my understanding coworkers/boss
  • encouragement and support. two things that may seem insignificant when given, but make all the difference when received.
  • gratitude and praise. i always appreciate a good old fashioned please and thank you bc manners matter to me, but it’s always a nice bonus when someone goes the extra mile for me.
  • pwb’s letters. personal e-mails. friends that care.
  • designing something that i am actually proud of despite the price, but especially given the situation.
  • prayers and the fact that they work.

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