thankful thursday

20 May
  • the end of the legal debacle
  • 3-day weekends, esp when spent in ny
  • working out w rob. i like that we both appreciate exercise to the same extent plus the idea of going about our normal lives even when together.
  • food touring manhattan. there is so much deliciousness i love going to new places and esp since we could show ff around too
  • having ff in manhattan when i am. this girl is hilarious. i love her. i’m glad i can share the city w her too
  • non-memorable bus trips. no really, it’s better if i don’t remember it by something.
  • the flexibility of my office and the ability to work remotely (aka manhattan) yet still efficiently
  • rhymes. i like have a light-hearted approach in my work sometimes
  • good marketing and advertising. i am so captivated by this industry
  • cities that have it’s own unique scene and vibe. the ones that you can just sit there and observe for hours on end.
  • treadmill running. its an illusion, but since i’m not going anywhere and the air is stagnant, i sweat more and thus feel like i worked out harder
  • activity at and around the gym. or else i’d have nothing to interest or motivate me while running and i’d just get bored
  • sanitizing wipes at gyms. i don’t like your germs.
  • a good performance review at work. also, my first end of year review. luckily i put all the same info on my self-eval that i brought to the mtg.
  • good performances at fball games. i like being proud of what i do and not upset at what i didn’t
  • carpools w ff. esp to the boonies. i cannot see at night and drive slower than a granny. no joke. you will hate driving behind me
  • work field trips. it’s nice to get out
  • al fresco and esp rooftop dining. summer is so nice.
  • cute clothes and pretty dresses. thrift stores and outlets. bargains and looking good.
  • my usual favs who love and support me
  • summer barbecues. there is nothing not to like.
  • touring columbia. since i never went on my own college tours in hs, it was nice to be able to see a school when i can appreciate it unlike when i was young and went touring for my brother’s college apps.
  • talking on the phone to rob. seeing him most weekends. i end up really missing him when i don’t although i’m glad he goes out and has fun on his own too.
  • naps. sleeping in. going to bed early.
  • relaxing nights. usually i’m at the gym, buying groceries, playing fball, traveling or going out. but i always love a quiet night of catching up on blogs, news, tv shows life. also comparable to spending a day baking yumminess.
  • reminders of love.

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