thankful thursday

7 Jun

preface: sadly, these are not proper TTs due to my frequent manhattan excursions, but rest assured, i am still very thankful for this life i’ve been given.

  • long weekends with the bf. i love spending time with him even if it’s lying in bed talking to each other.
  • roomie-free weekends. it’s nice not having to worry about disturbing other people bc ny apts are tiny. also bc i am sometimes selfish in the fact that i like that we don’t have to extend offers to hang out.
  • treadmills’ pace-setting abilities. i love knowing that i can keep up with a steady pace, which is good for distance running even though i rarely do races.
  • receiving approval number four of four. it was the biggest hurdle and a huge sigh of relief.
  • ny taxis. they are super convenient.
  • bus trips. often times i am wicked tired by the week’s end and the 5-6hr trip is a good nap time.
  • being a part of the moment when The Dream Interview was offered.
  • joy. moments of absolute happiness.
  • ff. games are not the same without her. and certainly not the drive over either. but i love her for always pushing me to be a better person.
  • a good primary physician. they are one in a million. thankfully i live near a major city, have good insurance and found someone i trust to listen to all of my needs and worries.
  • my office. i am glad to be surrounded by talented, easy-going designers. there are so many firms and agencies that don’t have nearly the same luxury.
  • cool, summer days. they’re perfect for being outdoors.

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