thankful thursday

2 Jul
  • friends that listen. it’s nice to have someone care about what i have to say.
  • beer. i may not like asian wines or know my cocktails, but i rarely go wrong with beer.
  • home-cooked meals. usually once a weekend, rob and i cook. i love it. but also now having to save money for the cruise, i am forcing myself to cook even more meals than usual. and they are so much healthier than eating out.
  • unflushables. they really take the time to help you out, on the field and off.
  • older (wiser) friends. people that i look up to and can turn to for advice when my peers aren’t the best option
  • older “sisters.” while it’s okay to have guy friends give advice, it’s really my sisters who have been through what i go through and can relate and support me.
  • no new cavities.
  • friends who pray for me. or with me. rarely do i get this chance, but it means so much to me.
  • lake fairfax. every week is an adventure to see more animals at the zoo. or dream about the water park, carousel or the rest of the park. what an awesome place.
  • the time to work out and run m-th this week, which doesn’t always happen, although it should.
  • 100% fruit juice. it gets me going in the mornings
  • starting weights and drinking more milk again. i intend to prevent as many health problems as possible.
  • getting home before 8pm. gymming and beltway traffic add so much time to my long day, i like having a few hours to myself before having to sleep
  • my upcoming cruise, i’m so excited for the excursions now that they’re booked, they’re actually happening.
  • booking things and paying for stuff. locking in more adventures
  • creative projects at work. in what is usually a slow time, i have a ton of work and it should all be very fun/interesting work. i just have to keep my head up.
  • rb+ff. loves that keep me grounded and positive.
  • lot C parking. lot K has its hassles: aka crossing rt 1.
  • being able to e-mail myself articles. and thus having plenty of reading material to catch up on over the weekends.
  • smartphones. i miss having one.
  • automatic windows in cars. they are so helpful and more safe than manual windows.
  • foam soap. liquid soap dries out my hands too easily.

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