thankful thursday

8 Jul
  • long weekends
  • fitness classes
  • working out 4x week
  • food treks around the city
  • seafood, veggies, salads, light summer foods
  • bringing lunch, saving money
  • catching up on sleep on the bus
  • getting tan!
  • summer, bbq, pool parties
  • my first 3d movie: toy story 3
  • animated films
  • short work weeks
  • hh dates at home w my girls
  • fab hh deals
  • populated roads at nighttime
  • ez passes
  • shortcuts to work, getting to work on time
  • talking keypad locks
  • air condition when it’s not freezing
  • the lights off at the gym so it feels cooler
  • sports drinks, replenishing electrolytes
  • well-balanced meals
  • real bacon and meats
  • baking
  • cold marble slabs, for baking on hot days
  • ray’s return to fball
  • neosporin, benedryl bug cream, bug repellant, high spf uva/uvb sun block
  • deep conditioners
  • good conversations
  • summer dresses, good bras, cotton, linen

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. Angela July 9, 2010 at 8:40 am #

    The monkey in Toy Story 3 frightened me.

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