thankful thursday

24 Jul
  • the new keypad access to the office and its happy tones
  • dinner parties
  • new recipes and baking that turns out well
  • assurance that i have a job for another year
  • sleep, exercise. sometimes the little things are actually luxuries
  • a supportive boyfriend for when i go insane
  • quick, direct, quiet, unscented, uneventful bus trips. or at least being tired enough to sleep through most of the ride.
  • hhs. for the few that i’m available to attend, i love seeing my friends
  • good performances and wins at fball
  • hazard lights and fast windshield wipers in torrential rains
  • intermittent walks during the day to clear my head
  • credit cards
  • shopping
  • ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream floats. desserts of my youth.
  • weddings. i love (or at least hope) that my friends live happily ever after
  • nighttime design ideas
  • well-timed traffic lights
  • the smell of fresh herbs
  • peaceful sunsets. the ocean/bay/shore.
  • a certain fair kiddo that never fails to amaze me in how wondrous he perceives the world, at the same time pushing me to grow
  • calendars that show continuous weeks instead of month to month.

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