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thankful thursday

26 Aug
  • fabulous coworkers who cover my projects when i’m gone
  • enough leave time to go on a fairly long vacation
  • my smartphone. oh how i missed smartphones.
  • dc area airports. we never really have delays or long security lines.
  • working elevators
  • cleanliness. especially pristine.
  • doubletree hotel. they have yet to let me down whereas courtyard by marriots have.
  • hotels w nice pools and gyms
  • great restaurant recommendations
  • local food when i travel
  • fresh food. especially ripe produce.
  • buffets. while i never eat my moneys worth, i love the options
  • avocados. guacamole.
  • cruises!
  • room service
  • showers the size of bathtubs or larger, regardless of whether there is actually a tub.
  • hand sanitizer
  • space in gyms to stretch
  • motion sickness bracelets
  • life jackets. live preservers. the nice guides who swam me around on a life preserver like a dog on a leash.
  • underwater cameras
  • new experiences: snorkeling, seeing sea turtles, seeing a waterfall, eating fresh coconut and fruits, working a yacht, salt river kayaking, rock climbing wall, casino-like gambling
  • learning new things: the intricacies of watches, how to understand diamonds, how to work a yacht, histories of the islands
  • the diverse rooster babies
  • vacation
  • anti-itch cream
  • spf70 sunblock
  • extra days in puerto rico to ensure travel plans
  • gorgeous blue ocean water
  • moco roads that are paved every three years
  • fabulous weather for most of the cruise
  • my dad, the laundry pro, who taught me how to fold laundry, iron, and remove stains of any variety.
  • being able to see livestock on the islands so that i didn’t miss the fair as much
  • fervent prayers that last forever bc it’s just conversation at that point
  • surprise kisses. hugs.
  • reminders of love.
  • trust.
  • free time to lay down and read for pleasure
  • summer traffic
  • being still

Sonnet on the Ribs of Laughter

12 Aug

Those who find the sun in every sorrow
may yet cry thunderstorms when in their hiding.
Not rarely, whoever teaches hope can barely borrow
what it takes to make it through a day’s colliding,
that is why they talk so much of hope. Tomorrow
and today are both a moment in aligning;
joke is that the hawk-heart is a swallow
by night. Who hears the music also hears the sighing.
By night who sees light, by day so sees the harrow,
but never ruled by sun nor star as law abiding,
no, the bilious cloud that knows of sorrow
comes at its whim, as does its twin: the dove arising.
Be kind to us we singers of delight,
we sing because we sigh in day and night.

Jennifer Michael Hecht

(thanks, g)

thankful thursday

6 Aug
  • running outside. running before work before the heat sets in and to start my day right.
  • the new apt. although it’s true that it’s a wee bit out of the way, it’s really pretty and the amenities are great.
  • people that bring food/drinks to get-togethers. they are quality friends.
  • flats. never underestimate the usefulness of real shoes versus sandals until you have to walk a lot.
  • air bear! a bear that flies? umm, PERFECT.
  • 100% fruit juice. my life was at a standstill for the few hours that i was at a loss.
  • low-key hanging out like a late night in the wendy’s parking lot. i do so much fancy stuff in manhattan and hh, it’s nice to be silly sometimes
  • tasty salads. i am picky. make me a good salad and i will love you
  • efficient doctors.
  • online bill-pay.
  • my mizunos. i love feeling like i am running on air.
  • summer storms. they’re nice in the sense that they make me slow down
  • a clean room. i hate when it’s messy, yet it often is
  • design books. i love looking at good design and drawing inspiration
  • ephersands. they make me happy
  • project managing, so that i have someone to buffer the client craziness for me
  • unflushables. they’re not only good at fball, but a great group of friends who are always willing to support each other.
  • tuesday night leagues. when else would i get to play fball?
  • delicious food. when it’s good, it’s good.

thankful thursday

2 Aug
  • absolutely delicious food at the modern bar room (the bar in the moma). every course was amazing and the service was fab.
  • worthwhile nyrw. when i have fab food and decent prices, i can’t complain.
  • all sorts of awesome tv shows starting a new season!
  • kibana. i finally caved and got my hair done since the wedding is coming up. it is nice to not have ugly hair. (and that’s when you know you’ve waited too long)
  • a new phone! well, it’s ordered, not in use yet. but i’m thrilled to return to civilization.
  • mcd’s hot fudge sundaes. good humor chocolate eclairs. simple pleasures.
  • sunday night bus rides home. it’s nice to nap and get some work done on the bus whereas i’m usually too tired and it’s usually too gas/brake on the way up.
  • the bus drivers that i’ve come to recognize. they’re really quite nice.
  • walking around manhattan. i like getting out on nice days and feeling like a local.
  • venturing out to a new borough! queens, to be exact. and the fabulous bbq that ensued.
  • people that overplan for food parties. it’s always better to have too much than too little.
  • being outside. i am parched for sunlight. i need sun like a vampire needs dark.
  • honesty and open communication. plus the friends that never fail to support.
  • my upcoming trips! albany and the caribbean. 🙂 there will be a lot of “firsts.” plus it is a Much Needed Vacation.
  • real weekends. it’s been a while. i miss them. a lot.
  • good things that happen to rob. i’m always proud of him for his accomplishments.
  • my new computer at work. a fabulous 27″ iMac w wireless keyboard and magic mouse. i feel so fancy.
  • farm-fresh produce. especially peaches, tomatoes and blackberries