thankful thursday

2 Aug
  • absolutely delicious food at the modern bar room (the bar in the moma). every course was amazing and the service was fab.
  • worthwhile nyrw. when i have fab food and decent prices, i can’t complain.
  • all sorts of awesome tv shows starting a new season!
  • kibana. i finally caved and got my hair done since the wedding is coming up. it is nice to not have ugly hair. (and that’s when you know you’ve waited too long)
  • a new phone! well, it’s ordered, not in use yet. but i’m thrilled to return to civilization.
  • mcd’s hot fudge sundaes. good humor chocolate eclairs. simple pleasures.
  • sunday night bus rides home. it’s nice to nap and get some work done on the bus whereas i’m usually too tired and it’s usually too gas/brake on the way up.
  • the bus drivers that i’ve come to recognize. they’re really quite nice.
  • walking around manhattan. i like getting out on nice days and feeling like a local.
  • venturing out to a new borough! queens, to be exact. and the fabulous bbq that ensued.
  • people that overplan for food parties. it’s always better to have too much than too little.
  • being outside. i am parched for sunlight. i need sun like a vampire needs dark.
  • honesty and open communication. plus the friends that never fail to support.
  • my upcoming trips! albany and the caribbean. 🙂 there will be a lot of “firsts.” plus it is a Much Needed Vacation.
  • real weekends. it’s been a while. i miss them. a lot.
  • good things that happen to rob. i’m always proud of him for his accomplishments.
  • my new computer at work. a fabulous 27″ iMac w wireless keyboard and magic mouse. i feel so fancy.
  • farm-fresh produce. especially peaches, tomatoes and blackberries

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. Angela August 2, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    hair photo? 🙂

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