thankful thursday

26 Aug
  • fabulous coworkers who cover my projects when i’m gone
  • enough leave time to go on a fairly long vacation
  • my smartphone. oh how i missed smartphones.
  • dc area airports. we never really have delays or long security lines.
  • working elevators
  • cleanliness. especially pristine.
  • doubletree hotel. they have yet to let me down whereas courtyard by marriots have.
  • hotels w nice pools and gyms
  • great restaurant recommendations
  • local food when i travel
  • fresh food. especially ripe produce.
  • buffets. while i never eat my moneys worth, i love the options
  • avocados. guacamole.
  • cruises!
  • room service
  • showers the size of bathtubs or larger, regardless of whether there is actually a tub.
  • hand sanitizer
  • space in gyms to stretch
  • motion sickness bracelets
  • life jackets. live preservers. the nice guides who swam me around on a life preserver like a dog on a leash.
  • underwater cameras
  • new experiences: snorkeling, seeing sea turtles, seeing a waterfall, eating fresh coconut and fruits, working a yacht, salt river kayaking, rock climbing wall, casino-like gambling
  • learning new things: the intricacies of watches, how to understand diamonds, how to work a yacht, histories of the islands
  • the diverse rooster babies
  • vacation
  • anti-itch cream
  • spf70 sunblock
  • extra days in puerto rico to ensure travel plans
  • gorgeous blue ocean water
  • moco roads that are paved every three years
  • fabulous weather for most of the cruise
  • my dad, the laundry pro, who taught me how to fold laundry, iron, and remove stains of any variety.
  • being able to see livestock on the islands so that i didn’t miss the fair as much
  • fervent prayers that last forever bc it’s just conversation at that point
  • surprise kisses. hugs.
  • reminders of love.
  • trust.
  • free time to lay down and read for pleasure
  • summer traffic
  • being still

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