thankful thursday

2 Oct
  • dinner parties where people cook
  • good doctor appts
  • fball season and going to HoB every sunday
  • school starting so the campus is lively again
  • having friends on campus who buy me food
  • cooking and baking new things that turn out well
  • people who enjoy the food i make and people with whom i can share food
  • my friends that i talk to on a regular basis even though i may not see them often
  • ff, who at a moments notice will show up at carmen’s, and somehow we’ve both just worked out and are gross
  • rb, who is consistent and loving, she never fails to check in on me when i need her
  • the quiet calms beneath the storms
  • dinner at wd-50. although it wasn’t the top choice, it was still special and i appreciate the gesture
  • less projects at work, september/october is a slow month transition
  • late, late games so that i can go home; early games so that i can eat w the team after and still sleep at a normal time
  • outlet shopping. new shoes. having a car and venturing out of the city.
  • VIP shopper savings
  • fabulous fashion even if i could never afford or own it
  • project runway. mondo!
  • desserts. a special treat every now and then
  • watching torrential rain from the safety of the indoors, almost like when i was little and we sat in the garage and watched the rain as a family
  • great feats of mother nature.
  • latin food. and the staples of junk food: empanadas, quesadillas, guac, burritos
  • passionfruit, lychee, peaches, strawberries, mangoes
  • seasonal fruits and foods
  • 6pm at the gym, when the after class/work rush and pre-dinner rush suddenly disappears.

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