thankful thursday

7 Oct
  • trust. the surest way to gain my respect.
  • pure joy. especially as exhibited by children.
  • best friends who never fail to love me and take care of me.
  • seeing raq. i’m glad that i managed to see her in possibly the only two weeks she’ll be in the states for a very long time.
  • my room. whereas virginia woolf put it quite differently, my room is my haven. where i can curl into bed and hide from the world. where i can dream from my window. where i can plot adventures.
  • books. i like reading. fiction is fabulous. i don’t read nearly as much as i’d like
  • chances to pretend to be posh. like going to wd-50. it was definitely an experience and i enjoyed it a lot
  • low-key weekends. soon i will be able to have many of these. watching football, catching up on tv shows, cooking, baking, running, enjoying autumn.
  • new workout routines. it’s nice to change things up and make other muscles do something for once. erging, speed work and inclines will soon make me more fit.
  • dietetics. i really value everything i learned while i studied sciences. i love that it’s applicable to everyday life.
  • drivers that thank you when they switch into your lane.
  • my daddy. the ultimate bug killer. and car maintenance mechanic. and for the random late night talks.
  • having a skilled profession. my skills will always be in demand.
  • fresh starts. clean slates. opportunities and options.
  • time to cook/bake. though i don’t usually have much time in my week to spare, i find time to cook many of my lunches, dinners and random treats.
  • fresh food. healthy lifestyles. supporting my local economy.
  • people who listen. friends who genuinely care to ask how i am or how my day went.
  • paid leave. so that i can have adventures and explore new places.
  • sweaters. knitwear. chunky yarn tops.
  • cute shoes. skinny pants. fabulous hairstyles.
  • supportive parents. they’d let me do anything for a living. they mostly stay out of my way and let me have my lifestyle.
  • the percentage measurement on exercise machines. i love knowing that i am 40% done and almost at the halfway mark. or knowing that i only have 20% left to go.

oh no, you never let go, you never let go of me.


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