thankful thursday

21 Oct
  • incline and speed variables on treadmills. they make my workouts harder and more enjoyable. i like that i can change things as i wish.
  • inclines and ergs. they make normal running a lot easier.
  • my locker. not really mine, but i enjoy that i use the same locker 99% of the time at the gym and that on most days between 530 and 7, my stuff will be in it.
  • britney spears. sometimes she has good songs that somewhat classic. and when i hear them randomly, i can’t help but enjoy them.
  • the smell of a woodburning fireplace fire in winter that greets me as i walk outside in my neighborhood
  • smores.
  • the smell of cool, crisp, autumn air
  • homecoming! something to look forward to
  • k+k. my staple hh girls. always up for something and i’m glad i combined friend groups.
  • dates, dinners, plans. it’s good to have something to do.
  • my hometown friends. it goes to show how fab they are when i disappear for 9 months and come back and we can pick up where we left off. and especially the people who kept up with me during that time.
  • people that pray for me. and offer wisdom. i really appreciate it.
  • coach. the things that he has known me through and still welcomes me.
  • my car. it is cold outside. i like not freezing.
  • my new jacket! finally i own an autumn jacket and i love it. and i better have loved it for what i paid.
  • google and my various internet websites that amuse me bc they still think that i’m in manhattan.
  • rob’s friends that still treat me as a direct friend. it’s great knowing that through it all, i’ve made fab friends of my own.
  • scarves. hats. socks and closed toe shoes.
  • being in the right place at the right time.
  • the calls, updates and texts. they will ease me back into normal life.
  • stuffed bearplane. from the first nickname i have that fits me perfectly, i’m amazed that i have exactly that in a stuffed animal. i may keep him forever because of it.
  • little kids. esp at work. they usually brighten my day.
  • my bluetooth headset. i like that it is pink and matches a lot of things i have. totally unplanned. but really i like it bc it’s very useful due to this new hand-free driving law.
  • soup+croissant, chili+crackers, hot cocoa+milk. things that comfort me on a cold, dreary day
  • harry potter. project runway. things i escape to when i want to do my own thing.
  • gifts. especially the unexpected ones.
  • peaceful sleep. no bad dreams. burrowing in bed.
  • flight tracker. for peace of mind.

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