thankful thursday

28 Oct
  • inclines and speed, they make my easy runs (no inclines, minimal speed increases) that much easier
  • liking running. it made sunday practice a lot easier and the days following less painful.
  • fab friends who so readily hang out w me lately.
  • girls hh.
  • my girls that look out for me when creepy stalkers appear
  • apples. apple cider. apple juice. applesauce. caramel apples…
  • orchards! farms! i love fresh food.
  • churches and people that welcome me with open arms. in a way, it’s good to be home.
  • being able to watch SNF again, just in time for the steelers/saints game this weekend. plus it’s a small comfort to sit at home and watch football games without all the craziness of a bar.
  • friendly people.
  • new starts. fresh perspectives.
  • goose eggs.
  • the fact that rob and i still talk frequently and he’s been an absolute sweetheart about the move.
  • thrift stores. sample sales. new dresses.
  • winter break plans! 🙂
  • my return to cooking after a couple weeks hiatus.

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