thankful thursday

18 Nov
  • shoe repairmen. seriously worthwhile: instead of buying new shoes, i pay $10–15 for a new sole/heel? DONE.
  • fixed rate dry cleaners. why have i never dry cleaned my clothes before?
  • derick. who is always my fav photog and to whom i will always be indebted to for helping me out.
  • my FXA team. a safe group of friends that i can laugh and be stupid with.
  • my REM team. the best group of girls i could ever come home to. these girls get me through the week.
  • coach will. a real coach, who believes that it’s not just about the sport, but also about the people and building them into better people. and is always willing to lend an ear.
  • running. as tough as it can be sometimes to finish, it is an outlet that helps me think clearly and gives me time to stop and think life through.
  • the closest of friends who support me and set me straight. they don’t judge but help guide me in the right direction. who listen when i ramble. who at a moment’s notice, will be there for me.
  • God, who takes care of me no matter what. who knows my heart. who calms my fears. and most importantly, who answers heartfelt and fervent prayers.
  • a church to come home to even if i am reluctant to call it home. people who constantly want the best for me. who open the hearts and offer their wisdom.
  • communion. after not being at church for about a year, i was amazed at how much taking communion means to me.
  • my fitness test. although results aren’t the best, i’m glad it alerted me to take action now to take care of my body.
  • communication. which i will always very highly value as a core in any relationship.
  • friends from all walks of life who i’ve picked up at various points in my life. who share their lives with me and ease the burdens that i bear.
  • mild weather. i really enjoy 50* autumn weather, especially in contrast w 90* summer humidity.
  • finding parking spots in Q or 2D when i go to the gym
  • windowsill seats. one of my favorite places to sit and watch the world
  • successful cooking escapades. especially with new recipes. and especially when people enjoy the food that i make
  • things to look forward to: turkey bowl, ny, philly, cali, NYE, ny rw
  • feedback. responses. reactions.
  • milk. calcium. vitamin d.
  • ibuprofen. for when my body fails me.
  • good outfits. they always make my outlook for the day better.
  • the colorful autumn trees. i love color. they make me love maryland.
  • tissues. tshirts are not made for blowing noses.

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