thankful thursday

25 Nov
  • running w speed increases and inclines. i like feeling like i had a really good workout. i like the feeling of freedom that running provides. where your mind is so clear and it’s its own quiet time.
  • watching sports on tv w my dad. it’s nice going to the bar w friends and nice staying home and online streaming it, but nothing beats his company
  • my rem team. i’ll miss them after this weekend. they’ve been a fabulous support group this fall and more encouraging than they know.
  • time off from work to gather myself and think clearly again.
  • prayer. bc time and again it works. and then brings me peace.
  • weekday dates. even though sometimes i feel bad for not working out after work, i really enjoy being able to go out and catch up w my friends and explore dc
  • craft beer. new york and HoB have spoiled me.
  • a home to go to during the holidays. not just that i’m not homeless, but for all the friends that i have who have moved (or their parents moved) around so often, they have no rea home to go to. i’m glad i have a place where all the people i’ve grown up with since kindergarten still visit for holidays.
  • new restaurants, gastropubs and bars. expanding my repertoire of places to go out to for food and hh.
  • summertime traffic and daylight.
  • being young and looking it too. it brightens my day to pretend to be a college student in university marketing materials.
  • vegetables. i love vegetables. i just don’t know how to cook them very well. or incorporate them into meals.
  • hair dryers. or else i would be wicked sick right now
  • having friends all around the country (and world). i love hearing about life in different areas, having people to visit and going to new places to explore.
  • tv shows that are online. i like the convenience of watching tv shows whenever i want and not needing to be home when it originally airs
  • support, encouragement, love and communication.

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