Archive | December, 2010

silver white winters that melt into springs

25 Dec
  • potluck meals at work. tasting culinary creations
  • relearning to swim. heated pools. lifeguards.
  • workouts that involve sneakers that i can tie my key to
  • adventures in ny.
  • uneventful bus rides.
  • friends whose travels revolve around good food.
  • friends who can legit cook.
  • people who take care of me. friends that pay for things when i visit. undeserved and unexpected generosity.
  • grace.
  • my first celebrity sighting in ny: tom collichio at ma peche.
  • people who are willing to shell out for the hell of it whether we can or not. we’re only young once.
  • spontaneous traveling
  • meeting new people. making new friends.
  • baptisms. seeing my kids grow up. being a proud mother hen.
  • spending time with my parents.
  • cooking for my family. while it’s not always convenient, i’m glad that i’m able to give back to them for what they provide me.
  • fabulous work benefits. plenty of time off from work. time to breathe, explore and live.
  • third floor turner.
  • friends to talk to til early in the morning. tired and delirious, but sharing souls all the same.
  • humidity. deep-conditioners.
  • being able to trust my gps, but also knowing areas well enough to disregard gps and take shortcuts
  • the erc. where there everything i could ever need for a workout.
  • the loves in my life that ground me.

snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

17 Dec
  • personal training sessions. i like saying that i have a personal trainer, i like customized workouts, i like not needing to plan what i want to do for exercise
  • running into valina going back to her dorm while on the way to the gym.
  • food dates! even if it’s only dinner on campus or lunch w coworkers. or trying new places w friends.
  • friends that ease me back into going out at night.
  • free parking
  • water. humidity. non-dried out and damaged hair/skin.
  • snow. of all kinds. especially the kind where you can curl up in bed in pajamas and drink cocoa and read a book
  • trying new recipes
  • learning how to design better. discovering how to grow my abilities.
  • getting messy and making things
  • washing machines
  • leather boots. they are so warm.
  • sweater tights. they are so comfy AND warm.
  • sleeping in.
  • hot apple cider
  • packing my lunch for work.
  • having separate work and play lives. my flexible schedule. having plenty of free time to relax, think and breathe.
  • my parents who support me in anything i want to do.
  • traffic on days with no school
  • the rare nights that i sleep 6+hrs straight. and at least being able to eventually go back to sleep when i wake up every hour.
  • pittsburgh sports. what else am i going to get worked up over?
  • knowing and experiencing true joy.
  • friends to talk to late at night when i’m upset at nothing and mumbling nonsense.
  • bright colors.
  • antihistamines. to combat my faulty ears.
  • the hallelujah chorus from handel’s messiah.
  • quirky memories of high school and chorus class.


13 Dec

  1. Children’s books are underrated.
  2. Not enough people remember the Berenstain Bears series

There were many Berenstain Bears books but The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race always sits clearest in my mind. Following the same storyline as The Tortoise and the Hare, brother bear drives a beat up red car in a road race. While all the other contestants are driving Mercedes-like box cars, brother bear drives a shoddy little lemon of a car that goes “putt-putt-putt” as it rounds the last bend to the finish line.

Onomatopoeia at it’s finest, this story, not The Tortoise and the Hare, always comes to mind when I am angry at my work.

I’m going to get there one step at a time. Putt-putt-putt.

thankful thursday

9 Dec
  • the repaved part of 495 at the northwest branch
  • tiffany, my fav hairdresser in the world.
  • massages that come with getting my hair done
  • projects that i’m able to think through from start to finish so there’s actually a concept that i’m behind.
  • apple cider
  • friends that are always up for anything
  • a good craft beer
  • workouts that make you feel like you worked out
  • getting packages in the mail
  • a friend to sit with and listen to me
  • the excitement of traveling
  • the promise of seeing old friends
  • relaxing nights, tv shows, pandora
  • automatic windows
  • finding parking spots in lot 2d aka, the closest lot to the gym.