silver white winters that melt into springs

25 Dec
  • potluck meals at work. tasting culinary creations
  • relearning to swim. heated pools. lifeguards.
  • workouts that involve sneakers that i can tie my key to
  • adventures in ny.
  • uneventful bus rides.
  • friends whose travels revolve around good food.
  • friends who can legit cook.
  • people who take care of me. friends that pay for things when i visit. undeserved and unexpected generosity.
  • grace.
  • my first celebrity sighting in ny: tom collichio at ma peche.
  • people who are willing to shell out for the hell of it whether we can or not. we’re only young once.
  • spontaneous traveling
  • meeting new people. making new friends.
  • baptisms. seeing my kids grow up. being a proud mother hen.
  • spending time with my parents.
  • cooking for my family. while it’s not always convenient, i’m glad that i’m able to give back to them for what they provide me.
  • fabulous work benefits. plenty of time off from work. time to breathe, explore and live.
  • third floor turner.
  • friends to talk to til early in the morning. tired and delirious, but sharing souls all the same.
  • humidity. deep-conditioners.
  • being able to trust my gps, but also knowing areas well enough to disregard gps and take shortcuts
  • the erc. where there everything i could ever need for a workout.
  • the loves in my life that ground me.

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