great big bear hugs that say everything so that we don’t have to

2 Jan

one year ago, i had so much more to grow. to date, i’ve come a long way and am so proud of who i’ve become.

  • love that endures and perseveres. when i fall past the secret trap door in the bottomless pit, and there are still people there to pull me out and dust me off. and then offer me a hug and a hot meal.
  • friends who are there for me at a moment’s notice. with hugs. or with italian ice. and a refusal to let me cry.
  • friends with a passion for living. who make the most of every moment. splurge when the opportunity arises and jump at adventure.
  • living beyond my means to see how far i can push myself. spending money that i don’t have and traveling when i can. experiencing new things and opening up a new world.
  • going out of the country and seeing more to this life than i once knew
  • reconnecting with my family who will always support me, no matter what.
  • building new families. ohana. growing sisters and a support system that i didn’t know the full strength of.
  • overcoming my mistakes and forgiving myself for them. learning to be a better and stronger person.
  • good food. fabulous restaurants. bars you can sit and hear yourself think at. learning to use spices and yeast. becoming a better cook and baker.
  • getting in the habit of working out regularly and wanting to take care of myself more. learning to accept spending money when i need to.
  • NY pizza. there is nothing like it. quick, hot, delicious, fresh.
  • NY MTA. which is better than the BART, Caltrain, LA metro, DC metro, Bmore MTA… i love efficient, cheap public transportation
  • fresh air. being outside in areas i can breathe. cities that care about being green. islands that are so far away from the smog. doing things that involve going out in the sunshine.
  • cars. i like having control over my transportation. getting places by myself on my own time.
  • people that push me to become a better, more loving and considerate person. who push me to leave my immature antics behind.
  • traditions and the semblance of normalcy. something familiar to return to.
  • God, who knows my heart, my past and my future, and loves me all the same.

One Response to “great big bear hugs that say everything so that we don’t have to”

  1. Angela January 2, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Psalm 32:7 – “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

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