those moments while exercising that you feel absolute freedom

6 Jan
  • harry potter. it makes cycling time go faster
  • chairs with backs. tall chairs when i can swing my feet below. rolling chairs for rolling, ease, everyday fun. stools for feeling important
  • a fab cali vacay. the leave time to do it. the friends and fam that hosted me and showed me around. learning so much about my fam. discussing our parents similarities w my cousins. seeing people i love that i haven’t seen in a long, long time.
  • home. i love having a place to go to at the end of the day without feeling like somewhat of a burden on anyone else. being at ease with my surroundings and the people in it.
  • my immediate fam. for letting me go away for christmas. for never complaining that i travel too much. for our weird family traditions like opening a new box of chocolate on christmas and new years. for our silly NYE nights. for daddy drinking wine and me always being hungry.
  • rb. who despite not living in the same city as me since high school still always finds the time to check-in and make sure i’m okay. even when i sound like an idiot bc i’m worrying over every detail.
  • winter break. working for a school so that i have winter break. working for the state gov’t so that i have a great leave policy.
  • being young, not married and without kids. i don’t have to plan my life yet. i don’t have to calculate when i need to have kids by. i don’t have to come home and cook dinner, clean the house and do laundry for anyone else. but most of all for being able to travel whenever and wherever i want. i don’t have to worry about someone else’s work schedule to plan a trip.
  • virgin airlines. i flew virgin to SFO and it was fabulous. absolutely fabulous. i wish all airplanes were that nice.
  • nonstop flights. when going to far away places, they’re already far enough without the added stop.
  • finally learning how to swim. conquering my fears of drowning. putting aside my pride and being okay with looking like a floundering idiot in the pool.
  • personal training sessions. they really pushed me to try new things and stick with them. i could never have imagined that they’d turn out so well.
  • having the time to go to work, the gym, cook dinner, relax and sleep all in one day despite my two hour commute. being motivated enough to exercise on a regular basis.
  • friends that appreciate good food and don’t mind paying a lot for it. sometimes it’s okay to splurge and treat yourself really, really well.
  • diet pepsi. for some reason it doesn’t fix up in my mouth like coke zero does. caffeinated beverages when i desperately need it.
  • water. to wash away all the HFCS. to keep me healthy. to make my body work properly. to quench my thirst late at night when i overheat.
  • breakfast. possibly my favorite foods.

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