the sound of the mailman’s truck driving up my street

14 Jan
  • foodie friends. people who appreciate nice food. people who push themselves to be a better cook/baker. people who spend the money to try something new.
  • the automatic comfort that fills me when i pour myself out in prayers and tears.
  • reassurance. being a girl is never an easy thing. even just a little hello can mean a lot.
  • no cavities at this dentist visit.
  • getting a hang of swimming and learning to find my rhythm after only four workouts. the large windows surrounding the natorium so i can watch other swimmers to learn how to properly swim.
  • pushing myself to do things that i know are possible no matter how far off the goal is.
  • sleeping. my bed. being able to fully enjoy sleeping in and getting a full night’s rest. being exhausted enough to sleep undisturbed.
  • winter session traffic and no route 1 construction. saves me 10-20 minutes of my commute.
  • trust. it’s hard to earn and easy to break.
  • daddy, who teaches and has always taught me to be financially responsible.
  • TTs, bc oftentimes by thursdays, the week is wearing on me and it is not fabulous day. then i realize what day it is and remember to keep my head up and push myself to TT so i can remember.
  • 7.5 months til my other half comes back to the states. it’s so close.

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