unexpected smiles and hugs

21 Jan
  • There is America’s Test Kitchen and then there is my kitchen with my various guinea pigs. Since my food is not nearly as perfected, I always appreciate people that eat my food. Especially when I good feedback.
  • Making my family dinner and having my dad actually really like what I make. Then him commenting the next day that we need to eat normal unfancy food to balance.
  • Timeliness. People who are on time and even early. I like when people care enough about other people to be courteous.
  • NYC low-key bars. Not enough can be said that equates to how much I appreciate NYC bars.
  • Long weekends to unwind. I can spend an entire day doing nothing and not feel guilty about wasting half of my weekend.
  • Mix tapes/cds. As Butch Walker once sang, “you gave me the best mix tape I have, even all the bad songs ain’t so bad.” A new mix cd yet to be listened to thoroughly is fresh in my car’s cd player.
  • My carpool. Carpools are underrated, you make some of the best friendships while traveling.
  • “The Storm.” The storm that beat all storms, the floods that beat all floods, but there was such a freeness to stand in the middle of the street and feel the rain wash over me. And the poop wash past me.
  • MCAgFair. I don’t for a second regret spending 12 years of my life dedicated to a tiny tent called home. When people think that you have to go to the boonies for a tractor pull or monster trucks, I know.
  • Knowing how to parallel park and doing it well. Being a female, asian driver in the national capitol region, I suck at driving. BUT as FF once said, she’d trust my parking even if I was drunk. I may be one of the few people who enjoy backing and paralleling into parking spots.
  • The music that the ERC plays. I can’t make headphones stay in my ears, plus they make my ears itchy. I try to find a machine next to the speaker and I really like when I swim well enough to hear the music underwater.
  • Belonging to a gym with a pool. Thank you swim, dive and water polo teams.
  • Snow delays. Sleeping in. Waking up to my dad making breakfast to share.
  • Leaving a relationship on good terms. Seeing as how most relationships don’t end well, most people don’t understand me right now. But if it happens to you, you know that even afterwards, you love, give and respect, and there’s little more that is as satisfying.
  • Perfect Love. Putting others first. Keeping no record of wrongs. Hope. Always seeking the best in all situations. Respect and being understanding.
  • “The best years of your life are always ahead of you.”

One Response to “unexpected smiles and hugs”

  1. Angela January 21, 2011 at 7:30 am #

    You inspire me.

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