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freshly washed bed linens + freshly showered me

25 Feb
  • children and their absolute joy in overcoming fear and accomplishing new things. watching the toddlers swim class always brings a smile to my face as kids do things as simple as jump down the steps in the pool and realize that it’s fun, not terrifying.
  • kickboard laps. i am not a good swimmer. i get out of breath. at least when i use a kickboard i can stay afloat and breath easily.
  • manners. people who ask if they can share the pool lane with you instead of just jumping in, especially if there is already a person in each lane. you make me more willing to share lanes.
  • people who wait for the own pool lane and let me bypass the wait line bc i don’t mind sharing a lane.
  • lifeguards. while they may sometimes laugh at me behind my back, i appreciate that they are there (usually even 5 of them at a time!) to save my butt if i need it.
  • familiarity. aka the rental desk at the gym. twice this week they knew my name! once bc one guy was there two days in a row and the first day he couldnt’ figure out my name so of course he remembered on day two. then a girl just knew my first name. weird. but awesome. “a place where everyone knows your name”
  • changing up my swimming routine to maximize my workout.
  • seeing valina and lydia multiple times in the past week. i love randomly running into friends on campus.
  • quality food. and sometimes being a wannabe-foodie has its perks of being able to choose where to eat for a group.
  • living at home. i love saving tons of money and being able to have a higher disposable income than many of my friends. i love not having to worry about a thousand more bills per month.
  • CLC. it’s been a while since a church made me feel so at home.
  • late openings and early dismissals. thank you snow, ice and other school-cancelling elements. even an extra 30min is a significant amount of time to sleep in.
  • social media. i abuse it. and terribly so. but it has proved to be a great provider of news and current events to me. i like staying up-to-date with the world
  • quick emails. example: i really enjoyed forwarding g a recipe this week that i knew she would like and i maybe moreso enjoyed her quick appreciative response. i like when people think of each other randomly and send unforced love.
  • plentiful amounts of food. the work snacks people bring (and there have been plenty this week), the munchies i baked (quick breakfasts) and the abundant dinners turned lunches. life is always better (and i am a lot more pleasant) when i am not starving.
  • having educated friends. i love knowing that my friends are doing amazing things as doctors, lawyers, teachers and future versions of these professions. i love having real conversations about real things.
  • my steelers hat. after swimming, it is cold. my trusty steelers hat has kept me from sickness so far this winter.
  • a flexible dress-code policy at work. some days i feel like looking nicer, some days i don’t feel like making too much of an effort. and both are okay to do.
  • daddy. even though i make mistakes, he is awesome and is willing to help me out.


20 Feb

“O God of love, I come to you again
Knowing I’ll find mercy
I can’t explain all the things I see
But I’ll trust in you
In every moment you are there
Watching over, you hear my prayer
You go before me
You’re behind me
Nothing’s hidden from you”

—How Good It Is

you can be the cow! (making friends with little kids)

19 Feb
  • earning the trust and friendship of little kids. aka one second they hide their face from you and bury themselves in mama’s body, and the next second they’re willing to share their toys.
  • being the office babysitter. the pied piper of coworkers’ children. being accepted by kids as one of them.
  • cooking new things in the middle of the week so i don’t feel pressured to make my “new thing of the week” on the weekend
  • leftovers and bringing lunch. keeping my budget down. being cost-conscious
  • going out for meals with friends or coworkers. it’s nice to sometimes share  meal with others.
  • food tours. foodie places. eating and drinking with people who appreciate the finer things of life.
  • sunshiney, warm weather. not wearing a jacket to work. leaving work when the sun is still up.
  • late nights at work. knowing that my office trusts me with rush deadline projects.
  • swimming. getting stronger. being able to stay in shape despite shin splints.
  • trusting God with the future, and not necessarily my own, but knowing that life will work out.
  • being needed. being thanked. being showed appreciation. i don’t always feel at my best and it’s nice when people remind me that i’m worthwhile.
  • social media. blogs. interwebs. vehicles through which i stay up to date with current events and general news.
  • phone calls. late night convos. methods of real communication.


12 Feb

Sometimes I wonder if I should collect things that I would one day give to the man I marry, but I think that might be a role reversal. If I did keep up with everything I wanted to give him, this would go in it, due a lot to the fact that this sounds like something I’d say.

people who know food

10 Feb
  • la famille. specifically my cousins who never fail to be awesome, either by giving advice, sending me an email, knowing how to have fun and dating/marrying fabulous people. i love the deepest ties that cannot be cut.
  • friends who are spontaneous. i don’t plan til last minute, even better if you’re willing to play along.
  • watching movies. i usually hate this bc i could be doing so many things with those 2 hours of my life, but sometimes it’s nice to just forget everything for that same time. alone or with friends.
  • [high quantity]-piece puzzles. clearly an underrated activity.
  • silence. also underrated.
  • my first party at the parentals’ house. and having my family meet my friends. and having them be able to put a face to names now. and so continues my streak of my parents loving my friends and further trusting my judgment.
  • good surprises. like when you wonder how many people will show up for your party, if you have enough beer and food, and then friends show up with tons and tons of stuff. i love my friends.
  • running. after a six-week hiatus, i am running again. i forgot how free i feel when nothing else matters besides putting one foot in front of the other and feeling the cool air of the ERC ventilation system blow on me.
  • swimming. as one kid i shared a lane with put it, “i come down here after working out upstairs bc it’s so relaxing.” i have gained a full-body workout and six-weeks in, i am by far a better swimmer. swimmers talk to each other more regularly. and now when i run, i have a better VO2max, am faster and have more endurance.
  • sweets. when i cut down on them for better general health, they are all the more yummy when i consume them.
  • a vacation to look forward to and a friend to share it with!
  • hot showers. a warm indoor pool. cold water when i’m thirsty.
  • investing. learning about business. learning. keeping up with current events.
  • workouts that leave me utterly exhausted so all i want to do when i get home is sleep. for a week.

last week i was in a rotten mood so i rewrote my list. this week i am too exhausted and sore to think straight. let’s hope next week goes smoothly.

dream bigger than big

8 Feb

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”

—Anais Nin


possibilities—of adventure, excitement and things to come

4 Feb
  • the biggest prayers that a heart can muster. knowing that that’s when angels sit beside me armed with hugs.
  • swimming advice from random people at the pool
  • striking up conversations with random people in random places
  • heart-spilling moments and the breath of relief afterwards of getting it all out
  • exploring new food places. tackling my list of places-to-eat-at.
  • a well-planned outfit. especially liking the dress+cardi+boots combo lately.
  • hot cocoa after being out in the cold
  • garages, so that my car isn’t cold and covered in snow/ice
  • familiarity. home, family, friends, places. something to fall back on. something for which i become homesick when thrown into new situations.
  • expecting the worst and getting the best. getting what i may not deserve.
  • warm greetings. unexpected smiles and hugs.
  • football and hockey seasons. so i have something to talk to random people about. esp when i eat alone at the bar.
  • where i’ve been and who i’ve become. it’s sometimes a struggle to recount my past, but i’m proud of how much i’ve grown
  • emotions. feeling absolute pits and soaring highs. knowing both ends of the spectrum and discerning when my emotions cloud my vision
  • hope. for a better day, month or year that starts right now.
  • tough love. when the best of friends with the best intentions tells me that i’ve gone too far. and knowing when to heed their advice.
  • forgiveness for when i’ve done wrong.