possibilities—of adventure, excitement and things to come

4 Feb
  • the biggest prayers that a heart can muster. knowing that that’s when angels sit beside me armed with hugs.
  • swimming advice from random people at the pool
  • striking up conversations with random people in random places
  • heart-spilling moments and the breath of relief afterwards of getting it all out
  • exploring new food places. tackling my list of places-to-eat-at.
  • a well-planned outfit. especially liking the dress+cardi+boots combo lately.
  • hot cocoa after being out in the cold
  • garages, so that my car isn’t cold and covered in snow/ice
  • familiarity. home, family, friends, places. something to fall back on. something for which i become homesick when thrown into new situations.
  • expecting the worst and getting the best. getting what i may not deserve.
  • warm greetings. unexpected smiles and hugs.
  • football and hockey seasons. so i have something to talk to random people about. esp when i eat alone at the bar.
  • where i’ve been and who i’ve become. it’s sometimes a struggle to recount my past, but i’m proud of how much i’ve grown
  • emotions. feeling absolute pits and soaring highs. knowing both ends of the spectrum and discerning when my emotions cloud my vision
  • hope. for a better day, month or year that starts right now.
  • tough love. when the best of friends with the best intentions tells me that i’ve gone too far. and knowing when to heed their advice.
  • forgiveness for when i’ve done wrong.

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