people who know food

10 Feb
  • la famille. specifically my cousins who never fail to be awesome, either by giving advice, sending me an email, knowing how to have fun and dating/marrying fabulous people. i love the deepest ties that cannot be cut.
  • friends who are spontaneous. i don’t plan til last minute, even better if you’re willing to play along.
  • watching movies. i usually hate this bc i could be doing so many things with those 2 hours of my life, but sometimes it’s nice to just forget everything for that same time. alone or with friends.
  • [high quantity]-piece puzzles. clearly an underrated activity.
  • silence. also underrated.
  • my first party at the parentals’ house. and having my family meet my friends. and having them be able to put a face to names now. and so continues my streak of my parents loving my friends and further trusting my judgment.
  • good surprises. like when you wonder how many people will show up for your party, if you have enough beer and food, and then friends show up with tons and tons of stuff. i love my friends.
  • running. after a six-week hiatus, i am running again. i forgot how free i feel when nothing else matters besides putting one foot in front of the other and feeling the cool air of the ERC ventilation system blow on me.
  • swimming. as one kid i shared a lane with put it, “i come down here after working out upstairs bc it’s so relaxing.” i have gained a full-body workout and six-weeks in, i am by far a better swimmer. swimmers talk to each other more regularly. and now when i run, i have a better VO2max, am faster and have more endurance.
  • sweets. when i cut down on them for better general health, they are all the more yummy when i consume them.
  • a vacation to look forward to and a friend to share it with!
  • hot showers. a warm indoor pool. cold water when i’m thirsty.
  • investing. learning about business. learning. keeping up with current events.
  • workouts that leave me utterly exhausted so all i want to do when i get home is sleep. for a week.

last week i was in a rotten mood so i rewrote my list. this week i am too exhausted and sore to think straight. let’s hope next week goes smoothly.


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