you can be the cow! (making friends with little kids)

19 Feb
  • earning the trust and friendship of little kids. aka one second they hide their face from you and bury themselves in mama’s body, and the next second they’re willing to share their toys.
  • being the office babysitter. the pied piper of coworkers’ children. being accepted by kids as one of them.
  • cooking new things in the middle of the week so i don’t feel pressured to make my “new thing of the week” on the weekend
  • leftovers and bringing lunch. keeping my budget down. being cost-conscious
  • going out for meals with friends or coworkers. it’s nice to sometimes share  meal with others.
  • food tours. foodie places. eating and drinking with people who appreciate the finer things of life.
  • sunshiney, warm weather. not wearing a jacket to work. leaving work when the sun is still up.
  • late nights at work. knowing that my office trusts me with rush deadline projects.
  • swimming. getting stronger. being able to stay in shape despite shin splints.
  • trusting God with the future, and not necessarily my own, but knowing that life will work out.
  • being needed. being thanked. being showed appreciation. i don’t always feel at my best and it’s nice when people remind me that i’m worthwhile.
  • social media. blogs. interwebs. vehicles through which i stay up to date with current events and general news.
  • phone calls. late night convos. methods of real communication.

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