freshly washed bed linens + freshly showered me

25 Feb
  • children and their absolute joy in overcoming fear and accomplishing new things. watching the toddlers swim class always brings a smile to my face as kids do things as simple as jump down the steps in the pool and realize that it’s fun, not terrifying.
  • kickboard laps. i am not a good swimmer. i get out of breath. at least when i use a kickboard i can stay afloat and breath easily.
  • manners. people who ask if they can share the pool lane with you instead of just jumping in, especially if there is already a person in each lane. you make me more willing to share lanes.
  • people who wait for the own pool lane and let me bypass the wait line bc i don’t mind sharing a lane.
  • lifeguards. while they may sometimes laugh at me behind my back, i appreciate that they are there (usually even 5 of them at a time!) to save my butt if i need it.
  • familiarity. aka the rental desk at the gym. twice this week they knew my name! once bc one guy was there two days in a row and the first day he couldnt’ figure out my name so of course he remembered on day two. then a girl just knew my first name. weird. but awesome. “a place where everyone knows your name”
  • changing up my swimming routine to maximize my workout.
  • seeing valina and lydia multiple times in the past week. i love randomly running into friends on campus.
  • quality food. and sometimes being a wannabe-foodie has its perks of being able to choose where to eat for a group.
  • living at home. i love saving tons of money and being able to have a higher disposable income than many of my friends. i love not having to worry about a thousand more bills per month.
  • CLC. it’s been a while since a church made me feel so at home.
  • late openings and early dismissals. thank you snow, ice and other school-cancelling elements. even an extra 30min is a significant amount of time to sleep in.
  • social media. i abuse it. and terribly so. but it has proved to be a great provider of news and current events to me. i like staying up-to-date with the world
  • quick emails. example: i really enjoyed forwarding g a recipe this week that i knew she would like and i maybe moreso enjoyed her quick appreciative response. i like when people think of each other randomly and send unforced love.
  • plentiful amounts of food. the work snacks people bring (and there have been plenty this week), the munchies i baked (quick breakfasts) and the abundant dinners turned lunches. life is always better (and i am a lot more pleasant) when i am not starving.
  • having educated friends. i love knowing that my friends are doing amazing things as doctors, lawyers, teachers and future versions of these professions. i love having real conversations about real things.
  • my steelers hat. after swimming, it is cold. my trusty steelers hat has kept me from sickness so far this winter.
  • a flexible dress-code policy at work. some days i feel like looking nicer, some days i don’t feel like making too much of an effort. and both are okay to do.
  • daddy. even though i make mistakes, he is awesome and is willing to help me out.

One Response to “freshly washed bed linens + freshly showered me”

  1. Angela February 25, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    Sending love your way. Also I love how much you’ve been swimming lately! And your post from this week is generally lovely and happy. 🙂

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