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bright colored clothes on dreary days

10 Mar
  • my editors. they are awesome. esp one who always makes me smile after a good talk. and one who looked out for me and helped me write my competition entry form. people are good to me.
  • friends and coworkers with kids. kids are cute when they are not your own. they make me smile.
  • tiffany, my hairdresser. she always has awesome clothes that she gets at fabulous bargains. she always always makes my hair look good. she runs her salon well and fixed my bad haircut without a fuss and i tipped her well for that.
  • maria/edith. i get them mixed up. whoever washed my hair on trip two gave me a fabulous massage. maybe she knew that i was there for a haircut mess-up, but after a couple bad days, it was so relaxing. plus she found my earring after i lost it.
  • my awesome assistant director. i have been moody and opinionated lately and he has dealt with it well and also put me in my place. while i know i should take out my craziness on people at work, sometimes i’m so overwhelmed that i don’t keep myself in check. but flexible seniors are fabulous.
  • my food processor. it saves lives. and by lives i mean time and sanity. grating frozen shortbread dough is a lot nicer with a machine than a grating plane.
  • my fabulous laurel friends. they are great to hang out with. and andrew is a sweetheart in that i never really got to know him besides from the hospital, but he’s always friendly and ┬átreated me well and with respect. i would pay for my drinks if he’d let us, but he never does. i love friends who treat people well.
  • free meals. i like knowing the right people with the right jobs.
  • my room and my bed, both which are my refuge. after a long day, i’m curled up in bed. when i’m buried in a book, i am hidden under my blankets. when it’s dreary outside and i don’t want to deal w it, my bed.
  • creepy swimmer man. although he is creepy, i really appreciate the fact that he helped me learn how to swim better. i saw him again this week after a couple months and he affirmed that i’m improving.
  • daddy. bc i called him at 830pm and told him my headlight blew, so he ran out to the store right before it closed to buy a new bulb and installed it so that the next day, which was predicted to storm all day, i would be able to drive safely.
  • rob’s phone calls. they make me more at ease with life. i really appreciate that even after breaking up, we are still really close and can talk openly.
  • getting good responses on my design idea for my first ever feature. i love that i am combining two sides of my life, design and nerdiness (my inner orgo-loving self shines), with the potential to make something really awesome. i’m even excited about this project even though it means that i will be drawing, which i usually avoid doing. plus i like the fact that my current drawing includes a distillation lab setup and a spectrophotometer and i’m gonna guess that nobody at work knows that that’s what i drew.
  • being silly with my coworkers. especially when i’m a cranky kiddo, it’s nice that they can lighten the mood and we can laugh about stupid things.
  • having a real conversation with a coworker that i didn’t really know before. it was great learning that she’s around my age and wants to hang out sometime and get to know the area. i love hanging out with new people and going out.
  • e-mails from friends. i always always love hearing from rb bc i know how busy she is, it means a lot to hear from her even in a short e-mail. i’m also appreciating how e-mail can be done on your own time instead of the pressure i feel when gchatting people to answer in a timely manner. i also love getting mail so i was really excited when i got plenty of e-mails this week.
  • new cookbooks. my first actual cookbook (everything else i own is for baking), which i bought on recommendation, and it is absolutely fabulous, explaining so many things about food science. i can’t wait to try new recipes.
  • packages in the mail! whether it’s my fun schwag from ADC or cranky or printer supplies from xerox, it brightens my day to see packages waiting to be opened.
  • running into friends on campus. especially at the gym.
  • mikey. one year in drama, mikey made us learn psalm 23 and we recited it many times over the course of the week. it still reminds me of how powerful God is and how he is in control of my life. i think of the psalm when i’m dealing w tough times.
  • lianne. one year in drama lianne made us sing prince of peace every single day. and God is all of those names in the song and so much more.
  • psalm 91. since i was younger, i’ve believed that when i’m going through a tough time, God sends angels to be with me. when i was in high school, i even drew angels on my hands as a reminder that life will never be unbearable because angels are at my side to help guide me through life.

perfect dresses that make me feel beautiful

5 Mar
  • coupon deal sites. it is not beneath me to use coupons and my wallet appreciates the money saved.
  • metroing w ff. i always love the times we’re able to get together and catch up on the random tidbits of our lives
  • rb. her short e-mails this week were fabulous day brighteners. while i’m not so great at keeping up with people, she always asks how i’m doing. she’s also one of the most appreciative people in my life.
  • entering my first design award competition. getting assigned my first magazine feature. i’m starting to especially like my work bc i have the flexibility to make what i want.
  • the endurance of the human body. whereas i usually swim 7 sets, this week i swam 10 and 11 sets. aka, i swam almost a mile and then i swam a mile. plus i ran the day in between for the third time in nine weeks. my body is so exhausted today, but i love that it let’s me push it this far.
  • my md day bag. while we ordered these by luck last year at work, i love that i can use the reusable, giganto bag for groceries.
  • singing in my car. (especially after a great workout like swimming that let’s me strengthen my lungs…) as off-key, off-pitch as i might sometimes sing, there’s nothing like “soprano syndrome” minus being a soprano. (p.s. as my old choir teacher used to explain: sopranos love notes that are held out bc they like to hear their own voice)
  • consignment stores. i love supporting a smaller economy, earning money and increasing business for a store i like.