perfect dresses that make me feel beautiful

5 Mar
  • coupon deal sites. it is not beneath me to use coupons and my wallet appreciates the money saved.
  • metroing w ff. i always love the times we’re able to get together and catch up on the random tidbits of our lives
  • rb. her short e-mails this week were fabulous day brighteners. while i’m not so great at keeping up with people, she always asks how i’m doing. she’s also one of the most appreciative people in my life.
  • entering my first design award competition. getting assigned my first magazine feature. i’m starting to especially like my work bc i have the flexibility to make what i want.
  • the endurance of the human body. whereas i usually swim 7 sets, this week i swam 10 and 11 sets. aka, i swam almost a mile and then i swam a mile. plus i ran the day in between for the third time in nine weeks. my body is so exhausted today, but i love that it let’s me push it this far.
  • my md day bag. while we ordered these by luck last year at work, i love that i can use the reusable, giganto bag for groceries.
  • singing in my car. (especially after a great workout like swimming that let’s me strengthen my lungs…) as off-key, off-pitch as i might sometimes sing, there’s nothing like “soprano syndrome” minus being a soprano. (p.s. as my old choir teacher used to explain: sopranos love notes that are held out bc they like to hear their own voice)
  • consignment stores. i love supporting a smaller economy, earning money and increasing business for a store i like.

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