giggles and joy

9 Apr
  • friends like rb that remind me when life does and doesn’t matter. the ones that listen and don’t judge.
  • having a car or at least good public transportation.
  • food dates w old loves. catching up on life.
  • friends all around the country whom i can visit and have free housing
  • the return of rec league football to my life. i have a routine again and it’s nice to have some semblance of normalcy back.
  • my cali trip. it was really good to get away from home, explore sf and see rob.
  • the really awesome sommelier at duckhorn who is from dc.
  • my wednesday equipment checkout girls. i love when people remember me before i tell them who i am. and i especially like making new friends
  • hanging out w coworkers. i’m all sorts of excited to know new people who share the same interests as me!
  • getting to the tail end of competition season. coordinating and filling out entry forms is tiring.
  • being busy at work. having projects to crank out. having projects that i’m excited about. it’s only work if you make it.
  • new meds. hoping my life returns to normal.
  • networking events. as hard as it is sometimes to get me to attend them, i really do love meeting new people.

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