daffodils, daisies and single red roses

14 Apr
  • downtime. despite being gimpy, i had an excuse to breathe, sleep and catch up on a lot lot lot of movies.
  • jaleo bethesda hh. when in doubt where to go, this is always a good go-to spot.
  • touch football defenses and making fabulous plays in my saturday league. it reassures me that i can catch footballs and run proper routes. sometimes strange gender rules are worthwhile.
  • ice+ibuprofen. i can at least reduce the craziness even if i can’t immediately eliminate it.
  • circle swim. although it’s really tough to find people who swim at the same speed as me and coordinate staying far enough away from the people behind or in front of me, circle swim pushes me to swim harder. i stop less after a lap. my heart rate goes higher. my body gets a good workout.
  •  belonging to a big university gym means you don’t see many people twice bc we all have different schedules. but sometimes i meet new friends and i really enjoy getting these small gym benefits in a big gym environment.
  • pushing out second drafts for the mag before deadline. usually i’m stressed and rushed, but this time i was at a good stopping point and i’m pretty happy with what i’ve done.
  • hearing fun songs on the radio. esp songs that friends have mentioned remind them of me.
  • warm, sun-shining days. nothing puts me in a better mood than great weather.
  • the n.bethesda whole foods. it has so many things that i’ve only ever dreamed of.
  • reading. while i may read the most books, i keep up with a bajillion blogs and newspapers. and i love it. and i love that every night after dinner, i sit down and read before i sleep.
  • roomies. recently i’ve been able to chat with two of my old roomies. and i love them to death and really appreciate how well they know me and still care about my life.
  • friends that help friends. i love that my friends are helping each other find new jobs and study for exams. i love when my friend circle gets to know each other.
  • thinking of you messages. whether it’s a late night text or a mid-day e-mail, i love my friends’ thoughtfulness.
  • my vision. while it may fail me at times or even possibly eventually, i love being able to see colors, faces, patterns and life.
  • attending really good talks. sometimes it takes a bit of pressure to get me to an event. i am really good at making excuses of why staying home is a better idea. but i love learning and meeting new people.
  • lotion and deep conditioner. pool water is not my bff.

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